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Now Layaway is more easier then ever! Make payments whenever you want using the Buy It Now button at the bottom of this page.

Have you ever found the perfect item but sadly it was not the right time? It has happened to most but does not have to happen again!

Lawaway is simple, easy and anyone can do it. The item or items you want must be at least $75.00

Please use the contact form and list the items you want. You will soon get a invoice for the 20% down. The items you want will be marked as sold. You take up to 4 months to pay for your item or items.

Making payments is easy. You can make them as often as you like for any amount.

When you are ready to make a payment please email for a invoice. Once full payment has been made your order will be shipped.

If at anytime you change your mind any payments that have been made will then become store credit.

If you have any questions or want to put a item on Layaway today please email.

Goddess Bless!

To make a payment on your layaway order...Use the buy it now button below. Please email or send a note with payment details!