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Protection Spray - Highly Magickal Spray Protects You & Your Home From Evils


Today we offer the newest in our line of magickal sprays. Today we offer a Protection Spray!

We have created this spray using the proper herbs and rituals. It is a potent and powerful mist that can protect you and your home from evils.

Spray it on yourself before you leave the home to protect you against bad luck, negative energy, curses, and evil spirits.

Spray it in the doorway of your home to ward away all evils! Harmful unbounds cannot cross this mist, negative people will be encouraged to stay away and all negative energy will be washed away and left outside!

You can even spray a small amount on your pillow or in your bedroom to prevent nightmares and psychic attacks in your sleep!

You can spray this on yourself, in your car, in your home, and on personal belongings!

The scent is mild and smells like Sandalwood. You will receive about 2 ounces of this solution.

Thank you for looking and please let me know if you have any questions.

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