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Spell Cast Pink Halite Highly Magickal Himalayan Salt Purifies Energies Removes Blocks Promotes a Healthy Aura


Today my coven and I offer you a magickally enhanced Pink Halite! Pink Halite is most commonly referred to as "Himalayan Salt" and it holds a plethora of magickal blessings!

This stone purges negative energies from the entire space surrounding it. Leaving this stone in your home or office will remove energies, promote meaningful communication, and bring out a more pleasant nature in all those around you! These would even ideal to place on your altar to ensure your sacred place stays sacred!

Handle your Pink Halite daily to help draw blocks from your aura away! With consistent use, you will find that your aura remains fresh and clear!

Other uses of this stone include, but are not limited to:

Promoting a positive balance

Boosting Self Esteem

Increasing Will Power

Promoting Emotional Well-being

Providing protection to your psychic being

Aid in relaxation

Cleanse the heart chakra

And more!

You may either carry this stone with you, leave it where you spend a great deal of time, or allow it to dissolve in your bathtub for a cleansing bath!

The stone you get may vary in color from nearly white to a darker pink.

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