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New Cleansing Mist - Potent Solution Removes Negative Energies Useful For Home, Self, Office Reduced Price!


Today I am pleased to offer you a wonderful mist that offers powerful cleansing properties!

This cleansing mist is ideal for you if you desire a home and/or workspace free of negative energies! spraying a small amount of this spray in each corner of a room will quickly dispel any negative and harmful energy that has accumulated. This negative energy may be naturally occurring from daily stressors or may be magickally induced… Either way, this spray will quickly see to it that your area is one of purity!

This is ideal if you have moved into a new home, recently had unwanted guests, have been experiencing stress caused by an unknown factor or anything else you can imagine! A few simple sprays in your home or workspace will set the energies in that area clean and new.

Spray this around your workspace if you are experiencing negative vibes from your coworkers. Spray this in your car to prevent negative energy from traveling home with you!

You can also use this as a body spray, although the scent is very mild the magickal properties are huge! Spray this on yourself before you leave the house to prevent any harmful energy from being attracted to you. You can also spray some in your bath at night to help cleanse away the unwanted energies.

This Cleansing Mist will leave you feeling refreshed, energetic, clean and happier!

There may be small hints of sandalwood. You will receive about 2 ounces of the solution.

Please email me with any questions.

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