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Tiger's Eye Bracelet - Spell of Protection Focus Removal of Negative Blocks Inspires Clear Thinking


Today we offer a highly magickal Tiger’s Eye & Lava Stone bracelet. This bracelet will bring its wearer many blessings.

Tiger's Eye is a versatile stone with many magickal uses! My coven has magickally enhanced each stone to provide max blessings.

Here are the magickal blessings that this stone can bring to you:

Protection (especially from psychic attacks)

Increased Concentration

Clear Thinking

Removal of Negative Blocks


Enhanced Psychic Blessings

Courage in all situations

Attraction of Prosperity

And more

As an added benefit, the Lava Stones are perfect for grounding you, stabilizing your spiritual energies, cleansing your spiritual energies of negative energies, and promoting a sense of peace & calm even in the worst of situations.

The Lava Stones are natural aromatherapy diffusers and you can add your favorite essential oils to the bracelet by placing a few drops of essential oils onto the stones.

My coven has personally found that these stones are excellent to have with you at your place of work. Many of have attributed career success partially to these magickal stones!

Each bracelet has undergone a stress test and measures about eight inches in diameter. It is stretchy and can fit most wrist sizes.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

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