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3x Lapis Lazuli Bracelet - Power-Packed With Natural Blessings Spirit Communication Cleansing Good Luck & More!


Today we are pleased to offer a blessed bracelet! This is an offering for one spelled Lapis Lazuli Stone Bracelet. This bracelet is created with 4-5 Lapis Lazuli stones; the rest of the stones are made from natural lava stones.

Lapis Lazuli is packed with natural magickal blessings… It is used by those who wish to open themselves up to the spirit world and to spiritual activity around you. It is ideal for you if you wish to engage in more accurate communication with your spirit family, open your inner eye, and develop your spiritual sensitivity!

We have also find this stone to be perfect for cleansing your spiritual bodies and energy fields of negativity! Simply carrying this stone or handling it for a few moments each day will help keep your energy clean and pure!

Other magickal properties of Lapis Lazuli include providing creative inspiration, attracting good luck, providing focus, uplifting mood, connecting with deities and so much more!

As an added benefit, the Lava Stones are perfect for grounding you, stabilizing your spiritual energies, cleansing your spiritual energies of negative energies, and promoting a sense of peace & calm even in the worst of situations.

The Lava Stones are natural aromatherapy diffusers and you can add your favorite essential oils to the bracelet by placing a few drops of essential oils onto the stones.

Each bracelet has undergone a stress test and measures about eight inches in diameter. It is stretchy and can fit most wrist sizes.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

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