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Consecration Incense - Bless & Purify Your Magickal Tools Sacred Spaces Even Vessels and Jewelry!


Today we offer you our newest blend of spelled Incense! Today you are offered Consecration Incense Blend.

Consecration is a vital step in performing many rituals and casting spells. It purifies items and the area of negative energies, which can greatly impact the success of your rituals and/or spells.

If you are petitioning a God or Goddess, consecrating your tools will bless them so that they are prepared to interact with a divine being. Using consecrated tools can lead to a closer and clearer connection to the deities you are reading out for.

Consecrating an tool or an area makes the tool or area sacred. Upon consecrating, you will notice a more serene connection to the tools of your craft. You will have a special connection with them that allows you to work with them in a way you have never been able to!

You can use this blend to consecrate tools of your craft, a sacred area, spirit vessels, and even use it to consecrate your favorite pieces of jewelry! Any consecrated item will be free of negative energies and will be a beacon for positivity and love. I personally have consecrated pieces of jewelry that I gifted loved ones to make them extra special!

You will receive 13 spelled incense cones and a simple but detailed ritual for consecrating. Please feel to ask any questions.

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