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Soap Shop

Spell Boosting Soap! See Your Spells Manifest with Power & Speed!


Today we offer a spelled blend of soap created to boost magickal energy!

This blend will boost the energy, the power and even the level of any spells you have had cast for you or by you.

You may see faster manifesting of all spells with truer results.

This blend can also help spells merge with your energy which will allow you to see the changes you have been seeking.

This blend are wonderful and they truly awaken, renew and boost magick of all kinds or color.


Using this soap will help your aura become more receptive to positive magick!

We create each blend using humanely sources goat milk, natural oils, herbs and fragrances. Each bar is about 4 ounces and is ideal for most skin types. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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