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Aura Cleansing Kit - Ideal Way to Cleanse The Aura Remove Blocks Leaves You Refreshed & Spiritually Aware!


For many years I have advocated for routine cleansing of the aura. Today I am pleased to provide you with a special offering that will allow you to cleanse your aura right at home!

This is ideal for you if you do not wish to spend hundreds of dollars on complicated rituals and wish to be in control of your own aura. Performing an aura cleanse yourself allows you to remove blocks in the privacy and sanctity of your own home!

A cleansed aura will lead to feeling better, looking better, building deeper bonds with spirits, spells will manifest faster, less aches and pains and a over all feeling of health and happiness.

Here is what this kit includes...

1 Handmade & Spelled White Aura Cleansing Candle

1 Ounce of Aura Cleansing Sea Salt

6 Spelled Aura Cleansing Incense Cones

1 Spelled Aura Cleansing Stone

And a detailed but simple ritual.

The aura cleansing stone we send is reusable and can be used for routine maintenance of your aura.

International clients... Please email me before purchase for shipping cost.

Thank you for looking and let me know if you have any questions.

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